Moose Leather Bib

Being Canadian Made, a moose design just makes sense! This was designed by one of our talented customers in our design contest - thanks to Stacey for designing this! This moose is on our  latte, with a tangerine pocket. Add a name to make it extra special!

This bib coordinates with Tangerine Mally Mocs leather baby moccasins >

UPPER or lower case as you would like it on the bib. Accents okay, maximum 10 characters.
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Customer Testimonial

First of all, I want to tell you that I've been using Mally Bibs for my daughter Ailey and really love it! and I've been looking at your web site and the blog and really like your style and relate to it too.
I truly think that Mally Bibs has a big potential here in Japan!

Amy Sugai
Tokya, Japan