Mally Mocs Unicorn Moccasins

NEW Unicorn Mally Mocs

You really don't need a unicorn on these moccasins to see that they were inspired by unicorns! They are made of our 100% genuine baby safe leather in a combination of our super soft 'lux suede' arctic blue leather as the sole, plus a combination of a blingy metallic gold, snowflake, iceberg, seashell and lilac for the rest. They fit perfectly in our Touch of Gold collection. 

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Customer Testimonial

Love them and they stay on so great! So happy I bought a pair for my girl!

Prince George, BC

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Happy 3 months to our side hustle - introducing Mission Leather Supply!

Since we started Mally Designs in 2005, we literally have not thrown out any quantity of useable leather. We are the non wasting types, and you could imagine what 13 years of scrap leather accumulation looks like. The amount of remnant leather we have neatly stored away has always been somewhat daunting, and in fact, it is a big reason we added moccasins to our collection as well as our accessories in past years. When we moved from our warehouse to our new home studio 5 years ago, we brought a truck load of that scrap home with us.

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