red leather baby moccasins

Poppy Mally Mocs

100% genuine baby safe leather moccasins in our 'poppy' leather.

Mally Mocs are the latest addition to the Mally Designs collection, which began in 2005 with the creation of Mally Bibs, the original leather baby bib. After enormous amounts of customer requests for soft sole baby shoes and moccasins, we designed our adorable and functional version of mocs for babies and toddlers!

Using our super soft and comfortable leather, we carefully designed patterns for our moccasins that include beautiful little details such as tiny little holes at the top of the moccasin fringe details. As well, we incorporated a very handy little tab at the top of the heel. This makes putting our mocs on baby's squirmy feet so much easier, and they really stay on! You may also notice, we designed our baby mocs in a way such that the elastic is hidden from the exterior of the shoe, giving it a nice clean look. We also took the extra step to match the stitching thread colors to the leather shoes. Lastly, we not only provided a non- slip sole on our moccasins, but one that is a beautiful charcoal grey color, designed to mask dirt. We believe it's all these little details that make our baby shoes so special. Perhaps the best part of all, is the fact that they coordinate perfectly with Mally Bibs!

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Customer Testimonial

She is able to put them on and take them off by herslef and of course she is absolutely thrilled that they are in her favorite color. It is not easy finding orange footwear! I love that the soles are darker so it really doesn't show if they do get a little dirty like some of the types I have had before.

Amery, Mommy to Kennedy
Calgary, Alberta

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Happy 3 months to our side hustle - introducing Mission Leather Supply!

Since we started Mally Designs in 2005, we literally have not thrown out any quantity of useable leather. We are the non wasting types, and you could imagine what 13 years of scrap leather accumulation looks like. The amount of remnant leather we have neatly stored away has always been somewhat daunting, and in fact, it is a big reason we added moccasins to our collection as well as our accessories in past years. When we moved from our warehouse to our new home studio 5 years ago, we brought a truck load of that scrap home with us.

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