sailor mally mocs sandals with no fringe

Size S Sailor No Fringe Sandals

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Mally Mocs Sandals are handcrafted in Canada using 100% genuine baby safe leather. These  moccasin sandals offer a more breathable version of Mally Mocs leather baby moccasins, while maintaining the style, appeal and wonderful features of the original Mally Mocs that many have grown to know and love. They are a true soft sole moccasin sandal, and offer your baby or toddler the ability to be as close to walking barefoot as possible, without actually being barefoot. 

Inspired by our customers:

After the introduction of Mally Mocs in 2014, we had many customers tell us that they would like to see a more breathable version for the summer months and hotter climates. We took these requests into consideration and developed a sandal version of our mocs that we are sure many will love for years to come.

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Customer Testimonial

She is able to put them on and take them off by herslef and of course she is absolutely thrilled that they are in her favorite color. It is not easy finding orange footwear! I love that the soles are darker so it really doesn't show if they do get a little dirty like some of the types I have had before.

Amery, Mommy to Kennedy
Calgary, Alberta

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