Giving Back

As a small business, we try our best to do what we can to give back. We feel so lucky to be living and raising our family in the part of the world that we do. As well, we know how fortunate we are to have our health and to have thriving healthy children. We know help is needed in various ways for people living in less fortunate parts of the world, as well as right where here in Canada. We always keep our eyes open for charities and organizations that meen something to us to give back to. Here's a few that we have contributed to. Maybe you too would like to give back to one of these amazing organizations!

Ruben's Shoes

Ruben's Shoes is known for collecting gently used shoes for the people of the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican, shoes are required in order for children to go to school. If they don't have shoes, they don't get an education. We help support this organization because we believe in what they are doing, whether it's in the form of volunteer time, raising funds, or through spreading awareness. Learn More about Ruben's Shoes and our contributions on our blog posts here and here.

Run For Water


The Run for Water is an event that takes place every Spring in Abbotsford and Calgary. The purpose of the run is to raise money to provide clean water for people in Africa. Each year, our family of 4 participates in the run. Just $35 gives a person enough clean water for life! More about Run for Water on our blog  post here.

Children's Wish

The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada grants wishes for Children in Canada who have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. We have enjoyed getting to know the lovely people behind this organization after they were fans of our products. We were happy to be able to help raise some funds through our sales to go towards helping them grant more wishes. Learn more on our blog post here.



Movember is an organization that raises money and awareness for Men's Health. Each November Ron, Co-Owner of Mally Designs, grows a moustach and sets up his own 'Mo Space' to raise $ for the organization to help change the face of mens health. Learn more on our blog posts here and here.

Canadian Blood Services

Ron and I both personally donate blood on a regular basis and the reason we have this listed here, is because we hope to inspire others to do the same. What concerns us most, is if there was a major disaster in our area, there would not be enough blood to go around to all in need. All blood types are in demand. Please take a moment to learn more about how to donate in your area. You even get cookies and a drink and sometimes a little gift. :)

We hope to continue to give back. When you buy products from us, you are helping us to contribute even more. We hope in the years going forward, as our business grows, that our ability to give back will grow as well.

Ron and Nicole,

Mally Designs Ltd.

From Our Blog

Happy 3 months to our side hustle - introducing Mission Leather Supply!

Since we started Mally Designs in 2005, we literally have not thrown out any quantity of useable leather. We are the non wasting types, and you could imagine what 13 years of scrap leather accumulation looks like. The amount of remnant leather we have neatly stored away has always been somewhat daunting, and in fact, it is a big reason we added moccasins to our collection as well as our accessories in past years. When we moved from our warehouse to our new home studio 5 years ago, we brought a truck load of that scrap home with us.

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