20% of sales of our Royal Bibs will go to the Children's Wish Foundation + NEW Designs Launched Early!

The past few weeks have been so exciting for us - quite the timeline of events in fact! First we were asked to send bibs to the Royal Couple for their then unborn baby. Then, after sharing this exciting news, we started getting media calls from TV networks and newspapers, which is always good for business of course! Next we decided to launch some of our Royal bib designs early and do some fundraising with them as our way to thank Children's Wish for this opportunity! Our new collection is not planned to launch until September, but we managed to get the photos of a few of them ready right away for an early launch, as we knew they would be in high demand after announced that they were the ones going to William and Kate for baby George. So, how did we choose which designs to send? We really wanted to treat this like any other gift, thinking about what they would like and since the Royal Family and both Will and Kate have a love of horses and William is a Polo player, we decided our brand new personalized Horse Bib would be perfect. Our Son (Kyler, age 11) suggested the Helicopter Bib since William is a rescue Helicopter Pilot, and lastly we decided to send a custom double sided Maple Leaf / RCMP Mountie Serge Bib as some of our facebook followers suggested to show some Canadian pride - so that's 3 bibs, 4 designs. Order any of these 4 designs now through August 31st, 2013 and 20% of sales of these very special bibs will be donated to the Children's Wish Foundation to help grant wishes of children with a life threatening illness.

This is all such a great honour for us, but perhaps an even greater honour, is that little Diamond, the little girl who got to meet Kate will be hand writing a letter to Princess Kate, which will accompany our bibs to the Royal Family. 

Here's Nicole (me) and Ron with the designs we chose to send:

Mally Designs Headquarters + Royal Bibs

  We made the same page of the Province as the happy Royal Family!

Mally Bibs and Royals Featured on the Same Page of the Province Newspaper















About these 4 chosen bibs:

  • Our new Horse Bib is an exciting NEW addition. A horse design has been our most requested over the last few years, and we couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out! We decided it should be on a nice neutral red, as we know the horse would be a popular choice for boys or girls. Timing is also perfect as 2014 will be the Year of the Horse in Chinese Zodiac and it launches just as the first year of the horse babies are being conceived. 
  • Next, our Helicopter Bib has been a popular one for boys for a few years now. It was our cover model design and is reversible with a pocket on the back side, which could be personalized. I know our customers love to buy bibs that have to do with Mommy or Daddy's profession in mind. We sell so many fire truck, police car, and Ambulance bibs for this specific reason, so why not a helicopter bib for the Son of a Helicopter Pilot?!
  • Our Maple Leaf Bib is definitely the most traveled of all our designs. We have sold countless Maple Leaf Bibs to customers sending them overseas to friends and relatives all around the world. We recently updated it with a small maple leaf on the pocket side, placed over the heart leaving the pocket free for personalizing. We also sell a large amount of this design each week at the Whistler Market that we are vendors at to varous tourists from around the globe.
  • Last but not least, our new RCMP Mountie Serge Bib is a design that started as a special custom request from a customer. We made it up as requested and shared it on instagram and facebook. Requests for more custom RCMP Bib orders came pouring in, so we knew it was an addition to our collection that had to be made. We have even had orders for this special design to be part of a child's wedding attire!

Children's Wish

About Children's Wish:

Granting wishes for children with life threatening illnesses is pretty special, and knowing you were involved in helping make that happen is a really good feeling, and one that you could be reminded of every time you see that special bib on your child or hanging up between meals. Imagine just for a second that your child was one that had a life threatening illness and you wanted nothing more than for his or her wish to come true.


We will post any updates on this amazing and honourable experience on our facebook page. We realize it's an incredible long shot to ever get a photo of little Prince George wearing one of our bibs, but it is possible. Anything is posisble. Dream big, follow your heart, and live your passion. Good things will come. :)

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