The 5 best words to say to your child

We always have a whirlwind summer. We keep up with the busy-ness of business, but we also go-go-go as a family - hiking, camping, going to the lake, road trips, day trips, sports activities, festivals, bbq's, bon fires, time with friends, long morning walks and big breakfasts on the patio. That all sums up our last few months; good old family time doing active things together taking it slow, but fast, if that makes sense? Slow as in we enjoy the moments, fast as in we don't really stop. 

My biggest wish is that our kids look back and say they loved their childhood. I have such a strong desire for our kids to experice so much during their time with us.

My daughter Malia just started Middle School this week. MIDDLE SCHOOL! Yikes! You know how they say it goes by fast? They are not kidding. It seems like yesterday she was hugging my leg and not wanting to let go as I felt like a horrible mother prying her off of me and shuffling her off to pre-school and now at the blink of an eye she's skipping off to middle school. Grade 7 apparently is where 'all the girls' wear mascara and heels. Grade 7, according to youtube is where the cool kids decorate their lockers with chandeliers and carpets (seriously?). Grade 7 is where she's kind of not my little girl anymore, except that she is and always will be. 

I could see that she was getting anxious about this transition. Really, she was more concerned about getting lost in a much bigger school and forgetting her locker combination than anything. She was lucky enough to go to a sweet little school of just 104-ish kids from K-6. As I could see this anxiety building we have spent a lot of time together over the last few weeks, doing our usual busy stuff, but also talking a lot about it. She has been needing a little extra reassurance and as she was really feeling the pressure of it all, I just turned to her and said, I love being your Mom. She smiled, hugged me, and it's like all her stress went away. Seriously. That's all it took! I mean, she knew that, but it's almost like hearing that made all those worries go away. Those 5 words are magical.

Next time your child is stressed or anxious, nervous, etc. just say those words. I love being your Mom - Mommy - Mother - Mum - Dad - Daddy - Papa... whatever words are right for you. 


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