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If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we travel a lot for business. There are certain months of the year when we spend more time sleeping in hotels than our own beds and more time in a plane than in a car. Unfortunately this means we are away from our kids. I contstantly have to reassure myself that it's okay to have a really unbalanced work / life scheule for a few months of the year if the rest of the year is a really unbalanced the other way. In other words, sure we miss out on a lot of family time for 2 months, but we are there almost all the time the rest of the year. Thankfully we have a great in house child care system, so that makes it a lot easier but the truth is, we miss them like crazy during our time away, and (much to our surprise) they actually miss us! This of course generates the guilt factor, which means we have no choice but to make up for it! The solution: family vacation! We have gone on a family vacation of some sort every year and we have always had hired help to ship orders while we are away, but this time we decided to do things a little differently and just shut down for 2 weeks. Money saved in hiring shipping help = money saved by our customers! Since no orders will ship for 2 weeks, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to run a BIG EPIC promotion, so that we can return to a flood of orders. Click through to our blog to check it out! 

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Please Read below for the complete details and coupon code:

  • This offer cannot be combined with any other Mally Bibs coupon code offer, execept our automatic free shipping on orders over $75
  • A gift certificate valued at $20 will be included with each online order shipment placed from February 10th - 24th only if the coupon code was entered
  • Additionally, 10% will be deducted from your initial order subtotal when the coupon code is entered!
  • Coupon code to be entered during checkout: FAMILYVACATION
  • All regular orders will ship within 1 week of the promotion end date (by March 2nd)
  • All custom orders will ship within 2 weeks of the promotion end date (by March 9th)
  • Gift certificates will expire in 3 months from the original order purchase date
  • Gift certificates may be used by the original purchaser or given to someone else as a gift


Hi Ron and Nicole
I do have a few questions and will look forward to chatting when you are back at work. Oh ya, show questions. See you soon as well

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We're retiring from shows plus, a shipping update

The title says it all, and it's true. It's time, and it feels right. After 14 seasons, we have decided it's time to wrap up the Craft Show and Christmas Market chapter in our lives and really start to enjoy the holidays. Our kids are getting older and through the years we have loved doing these shows, but the only downside it that it has also meant being away from our kids for a few weeks and for a very fast paced December served with a side of exhaustion for us all.

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