Free Shipping + We want to help the people of Fort McMurray

Coupon code MOMLOVE gets you free shipping for Mother's Day weekend! Whenever we offer free shipping, our sales increase by 4-5X. While we were already planning a Mother's Day weekend Free Shipping event, we figured it would be the perfect time to also donate to some people in need.

For those who are reading this post in other regions, you may not have heard about the devastating fires that have hit Fort McMurray, a town in our neighbouring province. Like most people in our area, we know people who live there as so many have moved there for work over the past several years, and we have lots of customers there. Thousands of families have lost everything and it breaks our hearts to see what people are going through. It's at times like that that we are especially proud to be Canadian. Seeing so many individuals and businesses care and help out is heart warming. Between now and Sunday, $5 from every online order will go directly to the Canadian Red Cross. Our donation will be sent on Monday. Both the Canadian Federal Government and the Alberta Government will be matching all cash donations, so that would mean that $15 will be donated from each order. I also encourage you, whether ordering or not, to make your own contribution. It really feels good to give! Please DO NOT order in place of a contribution. In other words, if you were planning on donating $40, don't order a bib or mocs instead of that donation. Donating directly to the Canadian Red Cross yourself would be far more valuable. Every little bit helps, and this is a way for us to donate more than we could personally afford to donate ourselves. As a business, we do feel a social responsibility and we are thankful to have this platform to enable us to donate more than we could personally afford. I encourage and challenge other businesses to do the same if they can.

We also have contributed items to a wonderful auction on instagram. 100% of the money raised from this auction will be donated to the Red Cross as well. Please, if you're on instagram check it out at @ymmauction


UPDATE: We made our donation to the Canadian Red Cross on Monday, May 9th. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

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