The many faces of Facebook - is Facebook taking over our lives?

It's hard to imagine a world without facebook now. Since I joined in 2007, which is likely around the same time you joined if you're one of their 1.23+ billion active users, as of 2012. Although there are many opinions on facebook, I personally view it as more good than bad. Personally, I have reconnected with old friends, been able to stay in touch with far away friends and relatives all at once, and I have even made new friends through facebook. There's many people on there that I'm sure I would have lost touch with, but I'm so thankful for facebook that hasn't happened. I like people, and I like to stay connected. I'm sure you have experienced similar things as well. I am one of those ultimate optimists, so I choose to see the good in it more than the bad. Through my 7 years on facebook, I have noticed there's certainly some stereotypes on there. Just for fun, I thought I would compile a list. I'm sure you can relate.



I'm sure you have a friend or two on facebook that always seems to be on vacation - Thailand last month, New York this week, already posting about their Mexico trip that is coming up while you're still getting instagram shots in your feed of their yellow cabs and views of central park in NYC along with their check-ins on Broadway. For me, it's fun to see. I love travel and I like to see where people go, but I can't help but wonder just how this is even possible?! I mean, travel is an expensive hobby! Do you make an insane amount of money? Do you even have a home to call your own? It's certainly a cool lifestyle. Maybe one day... I'm actually kind of inspired by the vacationer.


You know those contests on facebook where if you share it, you increase your chances of winning? Yeah, I've entered some of those myself (nope, never won) and I have had from time to time, some friends on facebook who seem to do this for a living! Seriously, they share contest after contest. The cool thing? Some of them actually win decent prizes. One of my friends won an all expense paid trip to Toronto (From Vancouver) for fashion week, complete with a MasterCard loaded with $1000 of spending money and she got to bring a friend and they got to stay at the Ritz! The same friend, by the way, also won a $500 London Drugs gift card. Maybe it is worthwhile? But, where do these contest junkies find the time?! That's what I'd like to know. 


We all know this one and we all get it. You're beautiful! You're proud to be beautiful and you're ready to show the world, or at least 300 or 1000, or something like that, of your closest friends. I also kind of like this. It makes me think of new hairstyles, outfits, makeup trends without having to flip through a magazine, but I'm just curious as to why? Is it to see how many likes you get? Is it to reassure your peeps that you haven't seen in awhile that you're still beautiful? Whatever the reason, whatever makes you smile, do it! Happy people are the most beautiful kind, so if it makes you happy, you will surely stay beautiful! 


You know the one, we all have at least one - that friend on facebook that updates their status with the latest news. It's almost as though they thought that you and all of their other friends never watch the news, read the newspaper, listen radio, or read the news online like they did! They will share the breaking news posts from CNN or other sources and even go as far as answering questions about it, as if it were their job! They will be the first to post every major earthquake and its tsunami warnings, election results, celebrity deaths, or the latest development on a certain missing airplane. It's almost like their dream job was to be a news announcer but they didn't know it until facebook came along and they naturally took the job without any compensation! In a way it's good, because I'm always up on the latest news because of it! 


This is kind of like the news announcer, and I've even known some friends who have all 3 roles! They will feel the need to update you about any sports or weather related updates as well. Or, maybe you have a friend on facebook that just focuses on one. I know I have a few, where each status update revolves around weather or sports. I even get to see play by plays of every football, baseball, and hockey game in my feed - lucky me! I don't even have to watch the sports! Also, it's great to hear the weather report because I totally forgot I had an app for that! Okay, now I'm being cheeky. Truly, weather reports and sports announcements are a tad annoying in my opinion. We can all figure out what we want to know. Honestly, if we really cared we would be watching the game ourselves! We have smart phones, computers, TV's, radios and access to newspapers too in case you didn't realize, sports announcers and weather reporters. 


Truly, I don't understand why some people feel the need to tell everyone their problems - be it relationship issues, the symptoms of their latest cold or flu, or trouble with their boss. By becoming your friend on facebook (and I think I speak for the majority) we didn't subscribe to 'your issues'. There are certain people who tend to post nothing but negativity, as if wishing for sympathy. Now, I don't want to sound heartless, oh negative friends. You know I am more than open to hearing about your troubles one to one in person, on the phone or even by text. I'm there for my friends, but with your few hundred friends on facebook, there's no need to share all this negativity with all of them. I have even hidden people from my feed because of it. I'm a firm believer that the more you focus on that negativity, the more of it you will attract. If this describes you, try to genuinely keep your life, your feelings and even your facebook posts positive for one month and see what happens. Focus on the positives not the negatives, and you will attract more positive. I promise.


I get it, people love games on facebook. Perhaps it helps calm them after a stressful day, gives their mind a rest from other distractions, or maybe it gives them a sense of accomplishment. For some, it's therapy, and honestly I can think of far worse forms of 'therapy' than computer games, so I'm okay with it, but it's not for me. It's not how I choose to spend my time, mainly because I'm sure I would get sucked in to spending too much time on it, therefore I choose to avoid it. Now, I don't mind an occasional game request on facebook. Whatever, I just ignore that, but when the same person sends me (I have several) game requests all the time, it kind of gets annoying. Ignore means I'm not interested. It's not like after the 127th time I will be like 'okay, now I'm going to start playing farmville or candycrush', or whatever. NOT happening. NOPE, so if you're reading this, gamer friend, you're wasting your precious game time with me. Okay?


You know the person that is not on facebook very often? Or, well maybe they are on there all the time, but they don't have much to say UNTIL there's some big news, like check out my new car, or guess who just got a big bonus at work? This guy! (imagine a photo of said guy, thumbs pointing to him with ear to ear grin), or when a vacation is booked? Yeah, those people. I mean, aren't we on facebook to interact with friends and family (besides read about news, weather, sports, look at vacation photos and selfies, etc), keep in touch with people we care about and enjoy it? That's what I'm on there for. I'm genuinely interested in seeing what my friends are doing day to day, and I like sharing my life with those same friends that I don't get to see on a daily basis. What annoys me is those people who have nothing to say, until there's something to brag about. To me it looks like they don't care about anyone else.


I'll be the first to admit it, I'm one of these types. I love my kids and dog and they're just so cute and awesome! I don't care who thinks I'm a crazy dog person, because I am. I know there's at least a few other pet weirdo's out there who enjoy it my pet photos, so I keep posting it from time to time. I also post pictures of my kids in the same manner. Until you have a pet or a kid, you just may not understand. I will never have my kids photos public for the world to see, and you will not see them whilst in the hospital, in the bath tub or shown in any way that might embarrass them. Some things are meant to be private, and now that they are getting older I even ask them if they mind if I share it before I post. 


There's always that guy or girl that seems to have no life other than their business. The funny thing is, and perhaps these people don't realize it, there's something called a business page for that! Kidding, we know they know that, because they sync all their business tweets, instagram posts and page posts with their personal page. Now, I have a business page, and I'm pretty sure all my friends on facebook are well aware of that. I'm also pretty sure that if they were interested in learning about my business, they would like my page. If not, that's okay! I don't feel compelled to share all my business marketing on my personal page, but I do have a life aside from my business that I share with my friends. I also don't share all my business posts, however, if you're a friend of mine you might see a few shares a year just as a little reminder, but generally it's only if we have big news such as a new product launch or if I'm promoting something outside of my own business, like a friends business or a charity that I think is awesome. 


Do you have any friends like this? These are the ones who are on facebook, but seem to never really interact on it? They have a profile picture that never changes, are never tagged in photos, never post any photos and never update their status? They don't post happy birthday's to others on facebook and never write on any walls that you can see, nor do they comment on any posts. You don't bother to send them any invites through facebook, because you assume they are never on there. That's fine, not everyone likes it or has the time for it. BUT, then when you see them in person and they seem to know everything you have posted - the photos, the updates, the public conversations! Then you realize they are on there all the time! Yes, I have some of those on facebook. You too? 


This person likes to photograph their food, talk about their food, share recipes and update their status's about what they are cooking for supper. I have been known to do this myself and the reason being, sometimes I make something so damn good I just want to share it! Then I share the recipe if people ask after seeing the photo. I really don't see anything wrong with it, however I realize how annoying it can be, so I don't do it all the time, only if it's something unreal that I think my friends would like to know about. 


Some people, I'm sure you know of one or two at least, feel the need to tell their facebook friends when they go to the gym, sometimes with a little selfie post or treadmill screen shot along with before and afters, stats, and a checkin at the local gym. There's nothing wrong with this, in fact I've done some of it before myself! I think the psychology behind it has a lot to do with accountability. I think the gym rat poster thinks 'If all my friends know I'm going, they will expect this of me, and I will have to keep going!' Cool, great, awesome - facebook is changing the world in more ways than we realize. 

There's many more facebook stereotypes, and I'm sure I've missed a few. These are just the most prominent as far as I see in my feed. Comment below and let us know:

A) which facebook stereotype(s) best describe you? (mine is #1 and #9)

B) which facebook stereotype(s) do you find most annoying and why? (for me, it's #5 and #7 because I feel it's pointless) 

C) what facebook stereotypes have I missed from this post? 

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