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definition of ethical: eth·i·cal[eth-i-kuhl]  Pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct.

  As a small husband and wife run business, we have answered a lot of questions about our business over the past 6+ years. Serious questions, funny questions, you name it. Everything from 'how can you work with your husband / wife?' to 'can you make a bib for my cat?' You name it, we've been asked it! After a recent feature on ethicalDeal, I have decided it's time to address a few questions here that have come up on occasion over the past 6 years regarding our ethics. There's a lot of contradicting comments we have heard on this topic. On one hand we have customers thank us for using a natural, biodegradable material that is CPSIA approved for child safety, and on the other hand we have others asking us why leather? Why would we harm animals? First of all, we would never, ever harm an animal. We are animal lovers. In fact, our sweet 10 month old Lab Sadie accompanies us at the studio on a daily basis because we would feel horrible leaving her home alone every {C}day. The hides we use for our leather comes from cows that are raised for beef. Until the day comes when people no longer eat beef, there will be hides that can either be thrown out or used to make useful products. In our opinion, we believe creating something that can be used by humans is a way to respect the animal. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so if you disagree, I completely respect that. These more negative comments typically come from vegans or vegetarians, who have chosen not to eat or use animal related products at all. They have strong beliefs and opinions and I commend them for that! I truly believe everyone should have strong beliefs and opinions, and be proud of their choices. We do our best to be an ethical company and to stand for what we believe in. Some people may disagree, just like we disagree with them. We will continue to respect their opinions and hope they respect ours. Here's a few Q & A's to explain some examples of how we believe we are ethical in our own way, supporting what we believe is right:

Why do you manufacture your products in Canada?

We realize we're going against the grain here. There are so many companies that choose to manufacture overseas for many reasons, and that's their decision. We choose to manufacture in Canada to ensure a supreme quality product and exceptional working conditions for our employees. We believe in fair wages. We believe in supporting our own economy, creating jobs in our local community. We have toured factories in another country and entertained the idea of manufacturing elsewhere, and it solidified for us that this is the right decision.

I was hoping my order would come in a gift box, but there was hardly any packaging at all!

It's true. When shopping for gifts, there's so many beautiful packages out there. Lovely gift boxes, vinyl tote bags, etc. We chose not to use any packaging for our products, other than the bare minimum needed to explain the product for two reasons: to ensure we're not creating unnecessary waste and to keep shipping costs low. Our bibs simply come with a gift tag that explains product features and benefits and our accessories simply come with tag or card explaining the product. We do wrap our products with recycled tissue paper.

If you care so much about the environment, why don't you use recycled leather?

There is so many different types chemicals used in various leather goods during the tanning process, and in order to ensure child safety and CPSIA approval, the only choice for us is to use new leather. Each time we purchase leather we have it tested by a 3rd party CPSIA approved lab (at the tune of over $500 per color!), and to test each type of recycled leather to ensure child safety would simply not be possible.

Why did you start making small leather accessories?

The truth is, after years of making bibs our leather scrap piles started taking over. Even though it's biodegradable, we couldn't justify throwing it away when we knew we could turn it into something useful, so we started designing smaller products. Look at our change purses pictured below for example. Those are made out of the necks of the bibs! Each time we cut out a bib, we are left with the circular neck piece. After a few years we had thousands of circles and came up with this idea, as the perfect way to use them. Our change purses are now our 2nd most popular item, after bibs.

mally change purse   mally change purse   mally change purse

Why not use a faux leather or vinyl material to create a similar product?

Since the leather we use is resistant to food stains (yes, even spaghetti sauce!), we believe it's the best choice for durability and to ensure maximum longevity of the product. We used to say it's the only bib you need, but honestly most people go through two (baby size, then toddler size) but then pass down the bibs to younger siblings, friends or relatives as they outgrow them.

You used to print beautiful catalogs of your products. Why did you stop?

Yes we did, and it didn't feel right. They were beautifully designed by our graphics designer and printed on recycled paper, but with the internet and having a great website that showcases our products so well, we decided it was creating unnecessary waste. We don't want to say we're going paperless, because honestly, I think for any company that's completely impossible, but we are choosing to be paper-minimalist for sure!

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