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After an insightful 6 weeks of retail shows, we really know what people want. Here's 10 items available at mallydesigns.com right now, ready to ship, that are also top sellers! Shop directly from the images - just click on the image you like, and it will bring you to the shopping page and you're sure to give a gift they will love! 

#1 - lux suede mally mocs

suede mally mocs >

Why it makes a great gift:

These soft sole baby moccasins are extra cozy and machine washable (on gentle with gentle detergent, air dry). They are also made of a beautiful charcoal grey that is popular for boys or girls and they go with absolutely everything. They are truly a gift you can't go wrong with, and they are even softer in person. You have to feel them to see what we mean!

#2 - fox leather bib

fox leather bib >

why it makes a great gift: 

This fox is too cute for words. Just like #1, this has been a top seller that is popular for both boys and girls. It is also one that is on trend and can be personalized with a name, nickname or word on the pocket, making it an extra special gift.

#3 - penguin leather soother clip

penguin soother clip

why it makes a great gift:

We were only half way through our retail show season when we sold out completely of this penguin soother clip. Babies love it because the design slides up and down and parents love it because it doesn't get soggy. We hvae them available at our studio, and ready to ship!

#4 - metallic gold mally mocs

gold mally mocs >

why it makes a great gift:

These blingy moccasins couldn't be better for the holidays - Christmas parties, family get togethers and New Years - it's really the perfect accessory for a little someone special to wear with his or her special outfit. These are most often sold for little girls, but some people (us included!) think they are adorable on little boys as well. Why not?!

#5 - woodland animal art cards set

woodland animal art cards set >

why it makes a great gift:

The current number one baby room decor trend is woodland animals. These woodland animal art cards including a beaver, raccoon and fox, fit perfectly in Ikea's Ribba frames. They also coordinate beautifully with our moosebear, andowl art cards to make a set of 6. They are wall decor perfection over a crib or change table!

#6 - fox leather soother clip

fox soother clip >

why it makes a great gift: 

for all the same reasons as our penguin soother clip in #3. 

#7 - evergreen mally mocs

evergreen mally mocs >

why it makes a great gift:

This is the colour of the season. Our gorgeous evergreen is seen in fashion for all ages and holiday decor alike. We do find most people purchase this colour for little boys, but it's sweet for little girls as well.

#8 - bird leather bib

bird leather bib >

why it makes a great gift:

Although this bib is a little more Spring themed than some of our other designs, it's always such a great seller, no matter the season. I always tell customers it's a design that is loved by all. This is a great design to be given to someone who is expecting, but doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl. Maybe even baby's first present under the tree?

#9 - butterfly leather coin pouch

butterfly coin  pouch >

why it makes a great gift:

This classic flex frame clasp is a timeless design and many people say it reminds them of when they were a kid. It makes a great gift for little people ages 3 and up or big people too, and our customer range at our retail shows is everyone from a preschooler to great grandparents.
shop all leather coin pouches here >

#10 - star leather bookmark

star leather bookmark >

why it makes a great gift:

Can you think of a better gift to slide into a stocking or slip into a greeting card? How about a teachers gift? A student gift? Or a gift for someone who just loves to read?
shop all leather bookmarks here >


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