The only bib we use!

We love our Mally bib. My 16 month old daughter did not like wearing other bibs. Now when I tell her to get up to her high chair she says "bib" and goes to the fridge where it conveniently hangs. This bib not only does the job of keeping my baby dry and clean, it also is CUTE! I like that I don't have to go through a bib each meal, which means more wash and more wasted energy and water.

They last!

Our 2 year old used her Mally Bib, and now it's been passed down to her baby sister, so it has been used for 2.5 years now. She has a brand new bigger toddler bib that we know will last just as long. We plan to havea lot of kid and bought these bibs specifically because we hoped they would last through all of them! 

Still look new after 5+ years!

Our oldest of 6 Mally Bibs is 5.5 years old and still looks brand new. Now our youngest of 3 is already wearing it.

Best bibs!

I've had my Mally Bib for 8.5 years! It is still going strong after a brief hiatus when there were no babies in the's currently on it's fourth babe!

Such a great product!

I've had our bibs for 6 plus years. One would have been enough however they are so cute that we have a couple and have given many as gifts over the years. Such a great product!

my "go to" baby gift!

Original, sustainable and totally cool, Mally Bibs are also my "go to" baby gift!
I used one of these bibs for my kids, handed down for my 2 nephews to use, and is now being handed down again! 

They last forever.

I was gifted a Mally bib when my son was born 2 years ago and I have purchased a couple others second hand, one from a mama who told me it had been in her home for 7 years and used with all 3 of her kids. That same bib is still here and going strong in our home. They last forever. They're one of my favourite gift items to pass onto new parents.


This bib is genius! Easy to wipe and reuse, magnetic closure and it's reversible with a food catcher. We wish we had this bib when she started baby food! 


Fantastic bib!!! Super chic and still practical. Everything wipes right off!

They stay on!

I'm excited to present Kenzie in her adorable moccasins. She has been wearing them lots because they stay on, unlike baby socks, and they are so cute! We get compliments on them every time.


We love our Mally bib! We get compliments on the design everywhere we go, but it is the quick and easy clean up that I love the most! My 15 month old gets her bib off of the fridge at meal time and is so happy when she gets to feed herself! Thank you for such a great product and helping to make this "independence" stage a little bit cleaner!


We love our Sandal Mocs we got at the One of a Kind Spring show in Toronto - his second pair of Mally Mocs!


Received my order and love love love the gorgeous placemats and coasters.
You do wonderful work.  The stitching and colour coordination - impeccable.
Superfast shipping and great communication! Thank You!


Just like your bibs, the placemat is so easy to clean.

My daughter loves her personalized placemat with her favorite animal and favorite color. It has made mealtimes easier as she is way more willing to sit at the table now. She loves to show everyone when we have guests for dinner! Just like your bibs, the placemat is so easy to clean.

My daughter loves her Mally Mocs.

She is able to put them on and take them off by herslef and of course she is absolutely thrilled that they are in her favorite color. It is not easy finding orange footwear! I love that the soles are darker so it really doesn't show if they do get a little dirty like some of the types I have had before.

I just love them!

You'll be happy to hear that I had my new Mally Mocs on my baby (who kicks like crazy) last night and they didn't budge. Even when he was being passed around and held by lots of people, the shoes stayed put. I just love them!

So happy I bought a pair!

Love them and they stay on so great! So happy I bought a pair for my girl!

My Son loves them!

Fantastic! They look amazing in my son's room and he loves them!





Fantastic! They look amazing in my son's room and he loves them!




versatile and adorable!

We love our Mally soother clip! It's perfect - easy to wipe clean, versatile and not to mention, adorable!

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