Mally Designs Models - Where are they now? Installment 4 and 5

Meet Jacob. He was part of our 2011 photo shoot with Bopomo, which at the time had a location in Morgan Crossing in South Surrey. He was so cute and his Mom was a sweetheart too, who has since become quite a regular customer at - thank you Shanna! I think he was a little skeptical of us as we danced around to make him smile, but he modeled like a little pro!

Mally Designs Models - Where are they now? Installment 2 and 3

Meet Mykah. He was one of our baby bib models back in 2010 when he was just old enough to sit up. He was the happiest little guy and I just remember how he already seemed so excited about life at such a young age! Mykah modeled our Sweet Pea bib while being held by his beautiful Mom Kathleen at a local fruit and veggie market.

Celebrating 10 Years with online promotions all month long!

10 years in business is a big deal, and we know we couldn't have made it to this milestone birthday without you! To celebrate we are throwing a month long party at with contests, deals, collaborations, gifts, product releases and more! Today we release our Birthday month calendar just for you! Each Monday throughout June, we will send our newsletter subscribers a detailed list of events and how to redeem the deals for the coming week.

Cure for cold and flu season - the best homemade chicken noodle soup in 10 easy steps!

Everyone knows that chicken noodle soup is known as one of the greatest comfort foods for cold and flu season. Every time I return from a trip it seems, I am hit with some sort of cold or flu. I'm sure it's a combination of long days, climate adjusting, not eating right while on the road, and flying home on a germ festering flight with a few hundred other people coughing and sneezing amongst circulating recycled air for 5+ hours. It's all really a bad combination.

Mally Designs Spring Retails Shows!

Mally Designs Spring Shows, 2015We have always loved meeting our customers in person and getting to know those wonderful regulars who buy from us year after year at our retail shows and online. It's also super fun traveling to the many great cities that our country has to offer. We always manage to fit in a little bit of fun at local hang outs with fellow vendors who have become very good friends of ours, as well as a little personal handmade shopping.

Mally Mocs Sandals are here!

Mally Mocs SandalsOh my goodness, I can't even believe our luck here on the west coast! I hate to say it, because I know how the rest of the country has been in the deep freeze, but we have not even had snow here! Ahhh, who am I kidding, the rest of Canada is known to make fun of us about our 'wet coast' rain, so it's our turn! I mean, we had slush one day I think, but then it was gone! A typical Vancouver winter consists of lots of precipitation, most often of the liquid form. Thankfully we have mountains where Vancouverites know they can normally escape to in the winter because we all know when it's typically raining in the city, it's snowing in the mountains. Oh, but this year has been above seasonal with record breaking high temps, and even the mountains lack the white stuff! Not a word of a lie, I wore my flip flops every month here on the west coast of BC this year.

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We're retiring from shows plus, a shipping update

The title says it all, and it's true. It's time, and it feels right. After 14 seasons, we have decided it's time to wrap up the Craft Show and Christmas Market chapter in our lives and really start to enjoy the holidays. Our kids are getting older and through the years we have loved doing these shows, but the only downside it that it has also meant being away from our kids for a few weeks and for a very fast paced December served with a side of exhaustion for us all.

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